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“The question is – what aren’t we going to do?”

October 4, 2012

There are many things going on this month for Halloween, so gear up and get your party face on.

Luckily for you, I have written a step by step manual for this month of October.

Step 1: Buy your KCRW Halloween Masquerade Ball ticket now. For the simple reason that is one hyphenated name “Z-Trip”. There are still pre-sale and available tickets. It always sells out, so do not pass go and do not pay full price. Buy them here: Kcrw Masquerade-2012

KCRW has offered up some sample listening to the Djs and Bands. Go here: Masquerade Music

If you still want to know more about why you should go read here: Westsidecnotes “trick-and-treat

Step 2: Start your shopping, sewing or procrastination now. The costumes are highly competitive at this party, so you better come up with something good. Trips to Aahs, Goodwill, or Michael’s are in your future. “Make it work”.

Step 3: Are you having trouble getting in the mood? That’s what she said. She also said to get over to the new Haunted House at Santa Monica Place. It will surely get you in the mood.

Info here: Paranoia Haunted Attraction

AND if that didn’t wet your whistle or you merely want more, you can go to the good ol’ stand by up at Universal Studios for their Halloween Horror Nights. You know I want to.

Info here: Halloween Horror nights

My previous most convincing write up here: Westsidecnotes “one-two-freddy’s-coming-for-you”

Step 4:  Lastly, Paranormal Activity 4 is back at a theater near you on Oct. 19th. I can hardly wait. Let’s go!

Here is the awesome trailer: Paranormal Movie Trailer

Follow these steps and come October 27th – 31st, you will be ready for All Hallows Eve fully stocked on nightmares. It’s the way it should be.

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