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“Things will be great when you’re Downtown”

June 15, 2012

The Los Angeles Theater is a true L.A. gem. You have to head downtown, but I assure you the venue is worth the freeway pains. The spirit of the theater is frozen in time and seeing the excitement of the new attendees is just as special. Your visit will transport you back to the old Hollywood glamour days.  The place is finely crafted in French Baroque-inspired decor, with a grand Titanic style staircase, ornamentation, mirrors, and murals adorning each nook and cranny.

Los Angeles Theatre

615 South Broadway Los Angeles, CA

The doors originally opened in the 30’s to screen a Charlie Chaplin movie and shut less than a year later due to the depression. They reopened and stayed open to regular screenings until the 90’s. Now there are only a few moments when you can partake in this time warp, so jump when I say jump. One of them being the “Last Remaining Seats” movie screenings that take place through the month of June. They also play movies at other wonderful old theaters, so get ready to explore.

Attending the screening of “The Big Sleep” was prefect to take in the theater and movie. It’s a wonderful way to catch up on old classics or re-experience the movie magic.

“Convenient, the door being open when you didn’t have a key, eh?”

The other option is to get invited to a private party there or throw one yourself. As that is not a likely option you should put the screening on your calendar and join me next time around.

Keep this page bookmarked and plan ahead. Sometimes the tickets sell out quickly to the popular classics.

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  1. June 16, 2012 11:35 am

    Sweet, I’ve never seen a Bogart movie, that would be an awesome place for the first one!

  2. Katherine permalink
    June 18, 2012 5:52 pm

    It was pretty freakin’ cool, Shaddy! The Big Sleep is great, but if you’ve never seen a Bogart film, it’s a must that you see “Casablanca”, in my opinion.

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