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Cannonball Run – Coachella

March 26, 2012

Alright music fans, there are a few more weeks before the first Coachella weekend is upon us. The lineup is ridiculous and I would easily pay $50 for most of the artists on there. You know you would too.



The checkered flag is about to wave and “We’ve got a secret weapon. God is our co-pilot!” So, if you are still dying to go, you can bow to the scalpers and still get tickets. It’s still worth it in my humble opinion. Stubhub is showing tix for both weekends, although Weekend 2 is pricing at a lower rate. Good news, Weekend 2 will probably be a smoother running machine and have some final performance energy.

Weekend 1

Weekend 2


Need a little inspiration? No you don’t, but here you go anyway….


The visual spectacle is just as impressive as the music.



And if that didn’t do it. Guess what? You can see dinosaurs on your way and rub their bellies.




Yep, I knew that would do it. Now that you are convinced get the tix and find some lodging.

Here is the Coachella official list of housing:

I found mine on here:


Oh and just for your buying protection, if you are purchasing tickets on Craigslist or buying them off someone – here is a photo of what they really look like.


Start working on your best Burt Reynolds mustache and see you there!

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