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Smell, Taste, Touch, Hear and See Paradise

October 18, 2011

You can inhale delicious ocean air while lapping water on powdered sugar sand covers your toes or have your breath stolen by jagged cliff skylines as the roaring waves play you a song. All you have to do is choose. Luxury Link has the key to please whatever your heart and senses desire. Satisfy your needs now with the beach getaway you are thinking about too often.

Escape to the Caribbean for natural rays of light to calm your computer screen burned eyes while wading in aqua jewel toned water. These sands of the sea will melt any worries that may have tried to stow away on your vacation.

Hop over to remote Hawaii where the ocean breeze accompanies a stunningly painted sunset. The picture perfect palm trees will sway to the ukulele sounds of the island.

Add exotic to your beach fantasy and jump over to Bali, known as the “Island of the Gods” for a divine adventure. Ascend to the top of soaring cliffs overlooking the vigorous ocean. Then, you can reward yourself with delicious spa treatments and take advantage of thousands of years of training in massage therapy.

Head on down the road to Central America where the surfing waters and yoga retreats await you. Play, center and relax yourself in the warm arms of the Costa Rica beaches. Leave at home your white noise machine and fall asleep to the rhythmic tones of the ocean.

There are many variations of a beach paradise. Choosing is such sweet sorrow, so pick one to enjoy now and plan for the others later. Luxury Link can help you with these important decisions.

3 Comments leave one →
  1. Meghan Pickrell permalink
    October 18, 2011 4:15 pm

    My bag could be packed in 20?…

  2. Katherine permalink
    October 18, 2011 4:18 pm

    So, what’d ya pick?

  3. Terry permalink
    October 19, 2011 12:20 am

    We have used this group many times. Everything has always been wonderful with anything we have booked. There is just something about showing up to your hotel room to have a bottle of champagne waiting for you! There is also the added fun of the auction to see if you can get a real deal!

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