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MEAT, It’s What’s For Dinner

August 17, 2011

It’s more than just a Lady Gaga dress. Let it live up to its full potential and partake in a Korean BBQ feast.

As I have yet to find a decent westside rival in oh so many years of searching, I am suggesting you cross the 405 and head to ChoSun Galbee in Korea Town.

ChoSun Galbee

3330 W. Olympic Boulevard, Los Angeles, California 90019

This won’t be wasted effort as K-town is like stepping into another country. A quick car trip vs. a 15 hour flight will make it definitely worth it.  If you are nervous about this trip, know that you aren’t actually leaving the country and this place is whitey friendly. There are English descriptions for the Korean names to all the items on the menu. Also, the staff is at least used to dealing with me, as well as any other clued in pasty person. Don’t worry there are plenty of Asians in here to make it legit as well.

Listen, there are too many Korean BBQ places to count in K-town. Everyone may have their favorites, but this place is a no brainer. There is a special occasion vibe to it too. If you are celebrating something special or just wanting to feel special on an ordinary day, you can rely on this place. For small or large groups this place is perfect. They have extra long tables and even smallish rooms for that private VIP treatment. You know how to roll. If you have a smaller unpretentious party you can walk in, put your name in (if needed) and relax in their spacious lobby. Conveniently the lobby area has a bar, so grab a drink and start to enjoy your night immediately.  Order a Hite beer for the full experience. Once your ready to partake, grab a serene patio spot in the dining room. The menu is extensive, so let me highlight some favorites for you:

ChoSun Galbee (of course)


Hae Mul Pa Jeon


Yookejang (pictured below)

The “special dessert” is a nice refreshing compliment at the end, but let’s not call it dessert.

Now, get up and go!

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