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“I’m gonna get you high today, ‘cause it’s Friday “

August 11, 2011

Once June (July, August) Gloom burns off, go take in the views, fresh ocean breezes and a sweet cocktail above Venice Beach any day of the week at:

High Rooftop Lounge @ Hotel Erwin

1697 Pacific Avenue
Los Angeles (Venice Beach), 90291

Check the times and call for a reservation to grab a nice comfy couch spot. There are only small spaces for standing fools.

Take the catwalk to the beach side of the roof and take in the 360 degree view of Venice on your way. It never looked so beautiful. Then, grab a prime spot to catch the falling rays while you sip on a special Pimm’s concoction or a watermelon margarita.

There are small bites you can order for a snack. I ate one of the best grilled cheese sandwiches I have ever tasted here, but I don’t see it on their new menu. Maybe if you beg for one, they will abide. If you haven’t mastered the pouty lip, I trust the new items are just as note worthy.

Make sure you bring a wrap and that a heater is nearby, since the winds can pick up when you are high. There are blankets available too, but refrain from any hanky panky as you won’t get any points from the mile high club here.

This is a really romantic date to get that first kiss at or just a good spot to catch up with friends. It will remind you why you shouldn’t buy that cheap home somewhere in middle America. How could you not love living here?

To add to the ambiance there are some fine notes playing over the airwaves. I have shazamed and downloaded many a song here. My credit card bill linked to my iTunes account tells me the DJ was a music genius.

Enjoy and pray for Sunny September or No Gust August.

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