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CAR-mageddon? Say What?

July 12, 2011

It will be like this, except the opposite.

Yes, that’s right we have humor about our traffic. Yes, that’s right we love deals. You don’t want to cross the 405 ever anyway, so make a plan to stay by home and curb that inner car curmudgeon. See below for my top picks:

Stay inside and rent videos from Vidiots so you can practice how to punch a looter in the face with Fight Club, how to make love not war with Forrest Gump, or how to survive (or not survive) with Into the Wild.

You can drink away your fear of Carmageddon zombies with $5 Car Bombs at Barney’s Beanery or gulp down cheap well drinks and beers at O’Briens.

If you are not a westsider, come on over before you are trapped in your landlocked District 9. You can lounge poolside and build up your tolerance for a burning apocalyptic sun at the Fairmont with a room special at $405 a night.

Or celebrate with a kick off party at Wokano on Friday and two for one cupcakes at SuzieCakes in Brentwood.

Decisions, decisions. Even if it is just a Y2K freak-out, you will be happy as a clam getting snacks and beers for $4.05 at Gladstones or 10% off at the Lobster for Santa Monicans.

For all your choosing pleasure, go to this site:

If you do have to drive somewhere, here are the hot spots to avoid (which are basically everywhere):

Good Luck!!

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